JTC Etching – Website Design

JTC Etching – Website Design jtc-graphic-design-design-by-impet-group

JTC Etching is a custom merchandising company. Their primary focus is placed around producing hand-crafted, branded products including custom signage, apparel and awards. Our challenge when accepting this project involved a complete brand refresh. This included logo design, stationary, web design and development. We began the process with a review of their existing brand message as well as thorough research of their competitors. Given the number of competitors within their direct market, we took an approach of identifying what makes this company unique and establishing that in the brand.

After discussions with the owners it was discovered that their work involves a complete hands-on process allowing for more intricate and detailed work. The design process involved drafting out initial concepts focused around simple yet detailed images. The chosen color palette took the traits of sandstone and slate as these are common materials used by JTC etching. We found that this color matches well with pastel colors which established the look of a French-country theme we looked to achieve.

This theme portrays sophistication and detail yet remains inviting which was a direct reflection of this family owned business. The website was relatively straight forward in design and development. We framed the site to showcase their services throughout the pages leaving access points for contact along the way.