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We’re a scrappy, unique agency with international roots and an American heart.

Originally founded in Poland, Impet Group Creative has spent the last decade working with fantastic, inspirational brands and clients from around the globe. With a focus on brand strategy, design for print and digital needs and industry-leading development, we aim to create targeted experiences that engage your customers. Our success lies in our passion for supporting brand and business growth through intuitive, cohesive marketing strategies and visually captivating designs. With an intimate organizational structure, we’re ideally positioned to efficiently respond to our clients’ unique challenges–and we consistently deliver on our promises. After all, at Impet Group Creative, we design to deliver.


Let’s build your brand from the ground up. Whether you’re launching a new website or a new company, a sharp strategy is absolutely critical. To build that strategy, we’ve got to get to know you, your business and your customers! Once we’re done our research, we’ll handcraft a fantastic, targeted strategy your customers won’t be able to resist.


We create designs that deliver. Great design is the nexus of strong strategy and collaborative creativity. Great design increases your brand’s value and elevates your business above the competition. Great design provides your audience with a visually immersive experience and a clear call to action, ultimately leading to increased engagement. Good news–we create designs that deliver all this and more.


Masterful development to bring your dreams to life. With attention spans shrinking, it’s absolutely imperative to provide your audience with user-friendly online experience. Our development team boasts international expertise with cutting-edge creativity to create responsive, mobile-friendly websites and apps that offer captivating interactivity and intuitive navigation.

Get to Know Us. You'll Like Us.

With offices in Poland and California, Impet Group Creative’s company culture is based on our international spirit! Spread across two continents, our people are quirky, unique, creatives who show up every day armed with big ideas and great playlists. They love they what they do–and our clients reap the benefits.

When it comes to our clients, we put them first. If that means an early-morning meeting to tweak strategy, we’ll be there. If a last-minute addition to an advertising campaign is needed, we’ve got it covered. If it’s a brand new strategy and campaign for a new product or service, we can take care of it. Whatever the challenge, we’re ready.


With a diverse portfolio of work Impet Group Creative’s experience has resulted in successful client partnerships with clients and well-known brands from around the globe.


Impet Group Creative’s talented international teams have worked on projects ranging from eCommerce web designs and custom database architecture to comprehensive rebranding campaigns and new product launches. With a streamlined process that utilizes the latest design trends and development standards, our services are geared toward meeting client business and marketing goals from the start of every project.

Strategy Development

Design and development won’t get far without a great strategy to back them up. With in-depth industry experience and a lot of research, our talented team will gain an intimate understanding of your business and customers to create a customized, targeted strategy for branding, marketing, product development and more.

Content Development

Is your website content outdated? Is your website traffic dipping? Are you having some trouble finishing that email campaign or newsletter? Why not turn it over to our talented copywriters? They’ll craft consistent, captivating copy to help promote your business, drive search engine optimization, increase awareness about a product or service, or grow your audience.

Print & Web Design

We work with the best designers–creatives who constantly seek new ways to innovate and drive brand success through eye-catching, jaw-dropping designs. During every step, from strategy to concept and down to completion, our expert designers will work with you to create functional, effective designs that align with your brand.

Web & App Development

Technology is rapidly evolving, and it takes serious skills to keep up. Our developers are up to the challenge. Our development team utilizes the most updated design and usability standards, offering expertise in everything from responsive design for mobile and desktop and user-friendly UI/UX to eCommerce sites and custom database architecture.


Your website is lost–literally lost–without quality search engine optimization. High quality search engine optimization raises your search rankings, allowing your customers to find your company online. Our SEO magicians employ cutting-edge tactics to increase your search rankings, gain visibility in the crowded digital marketplace and convert casual visitors into customers and brand evangelists.

Social Media Management

Your customers are spending more of their time on social media, and your competition has likely already followed their lead. When you’re ready to make the leap, we’re ready to help. Our team will formulate and implement a social media strategy to create or grow your social media presence and expand your organic reach across multiple platforms through interesting, engaging content that aligns with your brand.


Impet Group Creative’s team is full of colorful, quirky, idea-generating, design-loving, voraciously curious creatives who combine experience with passion and creativity to produce forward-thinking designs that drive client success.

Ricky Ratcliff - Chief Technical Officer

Favorite Quote:
Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.

Ricky Ratcliff

Chief Technical Officer

Greg Pilch - Chief Creative Officer

Favorite Quote:
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Greg Pilch

Chief Creative Officer

Rhia Winkelman-Gilbreath - Head of Strategy

Favorite Quote:
Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.

Rhia Winkelman-Gilbreath

Head of Strategy


Your project is our next obsession. Give us a call to learn more about how Impet Group Creative can solve your marketing challenges and elevate your brand.

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